Teeth Cleaning in Cedar Park

“I brush and floss multiple times a day like I’m supposed to.  Why do I also need to have professional cleanings?”


That’s a question we hear a lot at our Cedar Park dental clinic, and it’s understandable enough.  Most people are taught to brush and floss (and maybe mouthwash) from the time they’re children.  Shouldn’t that be sufficient to keep their mouth healthy?

In most cases, the answer is no.  It’s still a very good idea to have your teeth – and your family’s teeth – cleaned professionally twice a year.  Here’s why!

Reasons Why You Need Professional Teeth Cleaning in Cedar Park

  • Dentists can do a better job of cleaning

Simply put, there’s a limit to how well a standard toothbrush and floss set can effectively clean teeth.  There are surfaces on the tooth that are very difficult for anyone to clean on their own, just due to the angles involved.  By coming in from the outside, dentists have a much easier time cleaning every surface, and they have better tools for doing so as well!

  • Toothbrushes can’t stop tartar or gum disease

Tartar is dental plaque that has hardened into a cement-like yellow substance, and it’s too hard for typical brushes and floss lines to remove.  Likewise, these tools aren’t effective at getting beneath the gum line – and unclean gums lead to gum disease.  So, again, it’s a situation where most people, on their own, simply can’t clean as well as a dentist with their tools.

  • Dentists can safely whiten your smile

Ask any Cedar Park dentist and they’ll tell you that over-the-counter tooth whitening kits are not a good idea.  These sets can harm your teeth because they eat away at the enamel which protects the interior from cavities.  On the other hand, dentists have access to far safer whitening methods, create better results, and can be integrated into regular cleaning.

  • Dentists know the warning signs of disease

Your oral health reflects more than just the state of your mouth.  Numerous diseases show oral symptoms which are easily noticed by trained dentists, even diseases not associated with the mouth.  For example, diabetes and leukemia!  A dentist will be able to spot early warning signs and refer you to an appropriate specialist.


If it’s been too long since your last professional teeth cleaning in Cedar Park, don’t wait any longer.  Contact and book with our team at Reveal Dental today!