Your teeth and smile are not only an important part of your overall health, but they can also help you feel confident and good about your self-image. Your daily eating habits can be hard on your teeth and affect their coloring. Things like aging and medication, along with tea, coffee, and wine can all cause stains and discoloration.

Our team at Reveal Dental is happy to always provide our patients with the very best in oral care, hygiene, and cleaning. So, we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight our teeth whitening options in Cedar Park, and how they can improve your smile and confidence!

ZOOM Whitening (In-office service)


Done in the comfort of our Cedar Park dental office, this is the most effective and quickest way to achieve a brilliantly white smile. With your gums protected by a gel or rubber shield, a special whitening solution is used along with a laser/light.

You will get amazing results in a single session (normally 60 minutes) and you may even see up to 10 shades of difference on the teeth whitening scale. Not only is this option quick, but it can also last a year or longer

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Personalized Home Teeth Whitening Kit


The second option for whitening your teeth is a custom take-home choice. Our team would first take impressions of your teeth to ensure a custom fit once your trays are made. After this process is done, you can fill your trays with a professional whitening gel that is specially designed to eliminate stains and whiten your smile. While over-the-counter options provide a cheaper one size fits all solution, our custom trays will ensure maximum teeth cleaning and minimal gum contact.

You would wear these trays for roughly 30-40 minutes each day (or night) for up to four weeks or longer depending on your teeth and stains.

Things to Know About Whitening


Patients may experience some temporary tooth sensitivity or mild irritation to gums or tissue, but nothing serious. Try to brush your teeth with a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth a few weeks before you begin as some individuals do feel heightened tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening. In most cases that will disappear about three to four days after you are done with your treatment.

Always be sure to speak to your dentist before beginning any sort of whitening treatment since such things as extreme tooth sensitivity and dental restorations can affect when you should start whitening and the overall outcome.

Get Teeth Whitening in Cedar Park


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