New Patient Experience
Dr. Sura and his team strive to make Reveal Dental the most comfortable experience you have ever had in a dental practice. One cornerstone of this comfort experience is providing a thorough and comprehensive initial consultation. Since all patients and their dental needs are unique, we start with this comprehensive approach with all patients so we can formulate a tailored plan for you together.

The typical initial visit consists of the following:

  • Completion of new patient forms and receiving a tour of our Cedar Park office
  • Meeting the dentist to review primary dental concerns and past dental history
  • Review of past medical history as certain health conditions can have significant bearing on your dental care
  • Digital x‐rays of teeth obtained [as x‐rays outside of six months are too old for treatment planning]
  • Tooth‐by‐tooth examination with a small toothbrush size intraoral camera
  • Oral cancer screening examination
  • Periodontal examination for gum disease
  • Discussion of dental needs and wants to create a directed plan to improve your dental health and smile
  • The visit commonly takes 90 minutes

Many patients desire a dental cleaning at the time of their initial visit.  We try to provide this service whenever possible; however, some factors such as medical history or the nature of the cleaning that is required can prevent routine cleaning from being scheduled for the first visit.


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