Many medical insurance policies on the market today do not include dental services. Individuals and families have the option to purchase additional dental insurance, either through their current insurance carrier or as an independent add-on policy.


Dental care can be a major burden, particularly if you or your family require expensive dental work, such as fillings, root canals, or crowns. However, is it worth the cost of buying Dental Insurance?


Routine Services

Basic services, such as routine Teeth Cleaning and exams, are important to maintain oral health; however, due to the costs involved, many people forgo these valuable preventative procedures. With a dental insurance plan, these costs can be reduced to more manageable amounts until the annual maximum has been reached. Some policies even cover the cost of basic preventive care completely.

However, if you are blessed with a healthy smile, paying the annual premiums for routine care at your family dentist may not be cost effective, as the premiums often equal or exceed what you would pay out of pocket.  Speak with your family dentist’s practice to see your options with and without dental insurance.


Dental Emergencies

The costs during a dental emergency can add up to a lot of money, particularly if teeth need to be replaced or repaired. A single root canal and crown alone can run upwards of two grand! Often the early warning signs can be detected through regular dental checkups.  However, without dental insurance many don’t visit the dentist for regular checkups and these minor dental issues can ultimately become major dental problems – leading to major dental bills.  With a dental benefit plan or policy, even a discount plan, the out of the pocket expenses for regular family dentist visits may be reduced.


Cost of Service

Often, payment is due at the time services are provided; this can dissuade individuals with limited income. Those with dental insurance may need to pay the smaller co-payment or deductible at time of service instead of the entire amount up front while the claim is processed.  In addition, insurance carriers may have negotiated lower rates for services.  However, a family dentist may offer payment plans or discounts for people who are paying out of pocket.  Ask your dental practice front desk, should the patient request financial support.

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