Teeth whitening is now one of the best and most effective options for improving your appearance in a short timeframe. It’s a treatment that is available to all types of patients. In this latest post, our Reveal Dental Team will highlight our guide to your teeth whitening options in Cedar Park.

Take-home Teeth Whitening products

Teeth Whitening In Cedar park | Reveal Dental

Many of the leading Cedar Park dentists are now offering Teeth Whitening products that you can take home with you. These products are ideal for those looking for a customized level of whitening. In cases where the patient is experiencing significant staining of the teeth, teeth whitening at home using customized trays can help remove stains effectively in the long term. It’s important to work with a local specialist for this type of teeth whitening product. The best results occur by using the trays at least 30 minutes per day at home over several weeks. The results experienced using at-home whitening trays from local dentists have proven to be superior to any of the leading retail products.


In-office ZOOM Whitening

The ZOOM whitening method is a form of teeth whitening we use regularly in our offices at Reveal Dental. This approach involves the use of whitening products such as hydrogen peroxide in combination with a specially designed laser to increase the whiteness of the teeth by several shades. Many patients have experienced dramatic results from the treatment, which can be completed in just 60 minutes at our office. It’s a convenient service that ensures lasting whitening results.


Before choosing a Teeth Whitening service

You must take the following steps before choosing a whitening service:

  • Book a consultation with your dentist

Book a consultation with your dentist in Cedar Park to discuss your whitening options and their benefits.


  • Consider long-term results

While some treatments may be more affordable than others, the lower-cost treatments don’t always provide the ideal results. Make sure you research the potential results of the treatment carefully before deciding.


  • Review aftercare

The aftercare process for whitening treatment should be carefully reviewed. You may experience increased sensitivity as a result during your recovery and this should be monitored closely for patients with significant oral health concerns.


To learn more about your teeth whitening options, book your consultation today with our Cedar Park office team!