When it comes to restoring a patient’s smile, few options are as popular -or as versatile- as porcelain crowns.  When you get Porcelain Crowns in Cedar Park, you’re getting one of the best forms of tooth restoration, giving you a new tooth surface that can last for years!


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If you’re looking at having dental work done, here are a few things you should know about getting porcelain crowns in Cedar Park.

What is a Porcelain Crown?

A porcelain crown is a partial or complete false tooth, crafted from medical-grade porcelain.  Depending on the situation, it could be used as an alternative to a filling, or even completely cover up an existing tooth.


Why porcelain?  Isn’t it brittle?

The porcelain used in dental work isn’t the same as the porcelain in a china cabinet.  When properly created and tempered, porcelain is at least as strong as the dentin and enamel of natural teeth.  It can provide new tooth surfaces that will last for years.

Beyond that, porcelain also very closely matches the look and feel of natural teeth.  People often won’t even realize you have porcelain crowns.  Porcelain is also more resistant to staining than most other materials used for crowns.  If needed, the porcelain can even be colored to match your other teeth.  (Although having your teeth whitened might be a better option!)


How long will porcelain crowns last?

Assuming you don’t suffer any major accidents and practice proper hygiene, a porcelain crown can last 10-15 years or maybe even more.  However, it will slowly wear down over time.  If the crown does crack, a cavity forms underneath it, or otherwise becomes damaged, it can usually be replaced – particularly if you’re quick to contact your dentist after it happens.

Does it take long to get crowns?

Depending on the situation, you could potentially get same-day crowns in a single session in the chair!  Even if you aren’t a good candidate for same-day crowns, it’s still a fairly quick process involving 2 appointments over 2-3 weeks.


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