There are a lot of people out there who only visit the dentist when they have actual dental problems – and that’s unfortunate because if they’d make more use of general dentistry services, they’d have a lot fewer dental problems!  General dentistry in Cedar Park should be part of your regular medical routine, and it brings plenty of benefits for you -and your family- that you won’t get if you only come to the dentist for emergencies.

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4 Big Benefits of General Dentistry in Cedar Park

1 – Regular tooth cleanings

No matter how diligent a person is about brushing and flossing, they can’t clean their mouths as thoroughly as a dentist can.  This is particularly true of the back teeth, which are extremely difficult for a person to clean on their own.

Regular cleanings protect your teeth, make them look nicer, and even help prevent bad breath.  That’s a lot of benefits, by itself, for just an hour in the dentist’s chair every few months.


2 – Preventing small problems from becoming big problems

Just about everyone gets a cavity from time to time.  They’re hard to avoid, particularly given the sugar-rich foods so common in America.  Filling in a small cavity is a quick and easy procedure.  However, if that cavity is left unattended, it can grow into a much bigger problem – potentially even necessitating a root canal.


3 – Evaluating your oral health

A lot of people don’t realize it, but many diseases have oral symptoms – even diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and even sleep apnea – that you don’t associate with the mouth.   When general dentists are giving you a check-up, they aren’t only looking for your teeth.  They’re watching for a wide range of symptoms that could indicate other illnesses.  In many cases, a dentist could be the first doctor to notice problems elsewhere in your body.


4 – Protecting your health

Just as many diseases can manifest symptoms in the mouth, diseases of the mouth can also easily migrate to other areas of the body.  It’s extremely common for an oral infection to move into the sinus cavity, lungs, stomach, or even your brain.  Untreated oral diseases can become a legitimate medical disaster, but this can be prevented with regular checkups.

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