Teeth Cleaning in Cedar Park | Reveal Dental“My teeth are fine.  Why should I constantly go to the dentist?”  We hear that a lot and it’s understandable enough.  People are busy, and bi-yearly dental appointments can feel like an imposition.

However, getting professional Teeth Cleaning in Cedar Park regularly really is a good idea, both for yourself and your family.  Good teeth need help to stay good, and that’s just one of the reasons to go in for a cleaning every six months or so.

4 Reasons for Regular Professional Teeth Cleaning in Cedar Park

  • Catching any problems early

Cavities can strike at any time, even if you maintain good oral health by brushing and flossing regularly.  It’s easy for a small one to get started within the span of a few months.  However, if your dentist catches it while it’s still small, it’s extremely quick and easy to patch up.

The longer you go without treatment, the more difficult (and expensive) it becomes to repair your teeth.

  • Removing tartar and plaque

Brushing and flossing are good at keeping your teeth clean, but they aren’t perfect.  Tartar and, particularly, plaque can be difficult for home tools to remove.  Plus, the awkward way a person has to reach into their own mouth to brush their teeth makes it easy to miss some surfaces where they build up.

Professional teeth cleaning will get every surface on your teeth.

  • Maintaining your gum health

Dentists don’t only concern themselves with your teeth.  Your gums, and other soft parts of your mouth, are also examined.  Gum infections, for example, are quite common.  Most toothbrushes just aren’t very good at cleaning around the gumline.  Regular dental appointments can prevent gum problems.

  • Monitoring for signs of disease

Many people don’t know this, but a lot of diseases show symptoms in the mouth – even diseases, like diabetes, that you wouldn’t normally think of being an oral disease.   In some cases, oral symptoms are among the first to show up.  A dentist can be one of the first people to see the signs of these diseases and make the appropriate referrals.

Reveal Dental Makes Teeth Cleaning Easy

Our experienced Cedar Park dental clinic makes dental work as comfortable and friendly as we can.  We’re particularly good with kids!  If you or your family haven’t had a cleaning in a while, contact us to set up an appointment.