Every year Americans spend billions of dollars on dental treatments and procedures because of poor daily hygiene habits. Only about half of all adults in the US use a toothbrush as recommended by the American Dental Association. Simple and daily brushing can be one of the most important keys to avoiding major dental issues. Reveal Dental, who provides expert cosmetic and general dentistry in Cedar Park, has provided a list of some good brushing habits that will leave your mouth cleaner and healthier.




Place a tear drop of paste onto your toothbrush


You need just enough toothpaste to complete the brushing. Any more than necessary is a waste, while less may leave you without toothpaste to cover all of your teeth.


Brush at a 45-degree angle from the gums


Placing your toothbrush at an angle ensures the center bristles of your brush are able to reach into the gaps between your teeth and clean your gums.


Use short, gentle strokes


When you move your brush across your teeth, it’s important not to over-press. In the event your gums start to bleed, you’re pressing too hard or there is an underlying gum issue that needs to be checked.


Cover every surface, inside and out


While it’s tempting to only brush the front part of your teeth, most cavities and tooth problems occur on the reverse side and on teeth in the back of your mouth. Diligently brush all chewing surfaces of your teeth, especially along the back molars, and thoroughly brush the front and back sides of each tooth.


When cleaning the back side of front teeth, lay the brush flat so the bristles are straight up in the air. Use a vertical motion to brush those teeth.


Don’t neglect the tongue


Bacteria on your tongue can be transferred to your teeth and undermine your brushing efforts. Take a second to brush your tongue just as thoroughly as you did your teeth. Doing so will not only prevent the transfer of bacteria, but keep your breath smelling fresh.  Better yet, in our practice we can provide you with tongue scrapers that are much more effective.




Doctors of general dentistry in Cedar Park and members of the ADA believe patients should brush after every meal, with at least two brushings a day. In order to complete a proper brushing, patients should brush at least two minutes every time.


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