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It can be tough to get kids into their Oral Health. Although flossing and brushing are still the best ways to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, mouthwash can also be an effective tool and is often favored by older children. At Reveal Dental, our Cedar Park kid’s dentists have seen both the pros and cons of kids using mouthwash and what should be considered before letting your child use it.

Cedar Park Kids Dentists delve into the inquiry: Should kids use mouthwash?

Older Children

Mouthwash and fluoride rinses are great for preteen and teenage children. They make good tools for protecting their teeth from the acid-producing bacteria that lead to decay and gum disease.

Another benefit of mouthwash is that it’s great for kids with braces, which often make it difficult for them to clean their teeth properly using the standard toothbrush and floss. Braces tend to catch food in their brackets and wires, which are easy for a toothbrush to miss. By attacking plaque with brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, kids are in a much better position to keep their mouths as clean and healthy as possible.

Younger Children

Although mouthwash can be an effective tool for older children, younger children should avoid using these products unless they’re under the supervision of an adult. If a child is between six and 12 years of age, they must be watched to ensure that they’re using their product of choice correctly.

For children under the age of six, oral rinses should only be used when it’s recommended by a Cedar Park kids’ dentist. If it’s recommended, you should also make certain your child can swish and spit the mouth rinse; if they can’t, another option is to dip their toothbrush in mouthwash before brushing.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that young children who are exposed to fluoride over long periods can develop fluorosis, which causes their teeth to become streaked or spotted.

When to Use Mouthwash

Fluoride mouthwash is most effective when used at night. Just bear in mind that it should not be rinsed away with water, and you need to avoid any midnight snacks after using it. In some cases, your dentist will prescribe a medicated mouthwash for the treatment of specific dental problems.

If you’re considering mouthwash for your child or just want to get them a regular cleaning, the Cedar Park Kids dentists can help. We provide a comfortable environment that focuses on as facets of dental health, from technology and education to cleaning. Contact us today at (512) 337 2316 for more information or to book an appointment.