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Choosing a new Cedar Park Dental Clinic for your family is a big step, particularly if you have younger children who need to make their first visits.  There are a lot of clinics in the greater Austin area, and the number of choices involved can often seem overwhelming.  We know it can be tough, so we wanted to offer some tips to help you find a great dentist!

Four Ways to Pick A Great Cedar Park Dental Clinic

1 – Get testimonials.

Ask your friends, family, and coworkers.  There’s no better way to pick a dental clinic than to get referrals from people you trust.  They’ll be able to give you the real scoop on the quality of the care, and how friendly the staff is.  You could also supplement this by reading reviews on sources like Google and Yelp.


2 – Pick a dentist that’s close by.

While there are times you might need to make a long drive to visit a specialist, your general family dentist should be nearby and easy to reach.  This will make appointments less of an inconvenience, as well as make it easier to have appointments during short timeframes such as during lunch hour.  It will pay off if you or someone in your family needs major work done, such as orthodontics, and you must visit the clinic frequently.


3 – Got kids?  Make sure they have kid-friendly rooms.

Going to a dentist can be scary for kids in even the best of circumstances, but it’s far worse for them if they have to go to a clinic that’s primarily for adults.  A good kids’ dentist in Cedar Park will have brightly colored rooms, toys, and even electronic gadgets to help keep them distracted from any fear they might be feeling.

Picking a child-friendly dentist will make things go much more smoothly.


4 – Payment options and services.

There’s a lot of variation in dental pricing, particularly for those without comprehensive dental insurance.  It’s a good idea to talk about fee schedules with a potential dentist, as well as ask about accepted payment methods, the possibility of payment plans, or whether they offer low-cost services.


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