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When patients come to us with teeth that are either missing or broken to the point of being non-repairable, the next best option is implants.  Implants have several features that make them much better than bridges or dentures in the long run.

If you get Dental Implants in Cedar Park, you’re getting replacement teeth that are as close as possible to the real thing.  Better yet, they can improve your oral health!


Four Reasons That Dental Implants in Cedar Park Make Sense

  1. A permanent solution

One of the big issues with dentures and bridges is that they will need to be periodically replaced, and that can get expensive.  The items themselves can break down over time, plus the shape of your mouth will change with age, ruining their fit.

However, implants are tested to be long-lasting “permanent” solutions.  The restoration on top of the implant might need to occasionally be replaced, but that’s easy compared to dentures or bridges with fewer side effects.


  1. Keep your jaw strong

When a person is missing one or more teeth, that will actually cause their jawbone to slowly shrink and lose bone mass.  It’s a “use it or lose it” situation.  With no teeth to maintain, your body doesn’t think it’s worth “investing” resources into keeping the jaw the same size.  This remains true with bridges or dentures.

Implants don’t have this issue.  Your body sees the implant as being a tooth, and so it fully maintains your jawbone.


  1. Stop further tooth loss or misalignment

Missing teeth aren’t merely an unattractive inconvenience – they also encourage further oral health problems!  The longer you go with missing teeth, the more your remaining teeth will begin to move around.  This can lead to further damage to your mouth, as well as inviting more oral diseases.  Implants prevent this situation by maintaining adequate structure.


  1. No lifestyle changes

Bridges and dentures take some getting used to and require a patient to change many aspects of their lifestyle.  These include what they eat, how they eat, and how they clean their teeth.  On the other hand, there’s none of this with implants.  As far as you’re daily activities, they are treated and cleaned the same as natural teeth.


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