A good family dentist is going to be able to help you and your family with any dental issues that come up – but that doesn’t mean we like seeing unnecessary tooth damage.  Just as with other forms of medicine, preventing the need for care is always the best policy.  If you can protect your family’s teeth, you won’t just save on dental bills, you’ll also help ensure they have great smiles for their entire lives.

Tips from A Family Dentist to Protect Your Family’s Teeth

1 – Teach your children to brush and floss regularly.

There is no better way to ensure lifelong healthy teeth than to teach your children proper oral hygiene as soon as possible and reinforce those lessons while they’re growing up.  Far too many cases of poor teeth in adulthood can be traced back to poor oral hygiene in childhood.  Teaching them to respect their teeth, and treat their teeth well, is one of the best lessons you can impart.

2 – Ensure your family is getting fluoride. 

Is there fluoride in your local water supply?  Check and find out if you aren’t sure.  Fluoride does tremendous good in preventing cavities, tooth decay, and other problems.  If there isn’t fluoride in your water, talk to your dentist about supplements or buying toothpaste with increased fluoride levels to compensate.

3 – Have regular dental check-ups.

Semi-annual dental checkups are the best balance between inconvenience and preventative care.  Semi-annual visits will allow a dentist to spot any problems in development, like cavities, before they grow into being major issues.  Also, plenty of other health problems are actually indicated by oral symptoms.  Dental check-ups protect against a wide range of diseases!

4 – Wear proper protective gear when playing sports.

If your children (or anyone else in your family) are into any sort of sports involving flying objects or full contact, make sure they have proper teeth and mouth guards.  A single baseball or accidental elbow to the mouth can cause tremendous damage – but that can usually be mitigated with a mouth guard.

When Your Family Needs Dental Services, Reveal Dental Is Here

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