It’s no secret that some people don’t enjoy going to the dentist. Expressions like “I’d rather get a root canal” are used as comparisons to indicate severe dislike. Poor dental experiences have led to some patients fear or anxiety over visits to the dentist.


Well, Reveal Dental wants to change that perception!


As one of the top providers of general dentistry in Cedar Park, we have people come in virtually every day who are worried, anxious, or even downright scared of their visit. It doesn’t help that so many of our new patients have had poor experiences with other dentists, which have tainted their views of the profession.


Reveal Dental Wants You to Have a Great Dental Experience


A ‘No Shame’ Policy


Even more than the prospect of pain, a lot of our new patients are most afraid of being judged. The stereotype of glowering, pompous dentists lecturing patients while they’re strapped into the chair is a pretty pervasive one.


No matter how good or bad your teeth are, you’ll only receive friendly, professional, and courteous treatment from Reveal Dental.


Super-Friendly Staff


Everyone at Reveal Dental in Cedar Park wants to be here and loves their job. We’re dedicated to bringing great smiles to every North Austin-area resident who walks through our doors! That only starts by showing great smiles to every patient we greet.


One of the most frequent compliments we get is people noting how quickly our demeanor puts them at ease.


A Practice Built for Maximum Comfort


Comfort in a dentist’s office is both psychological and physical. We offer every possible amenity to help you relax, including:

  • Extra-comfy chairs
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • TVs in every examination room
  • Personal headphones and music selection
  • Fleece blankets and neck pillows, if you’re chilly during a procedure
  • Post-procedure hot towels and lip balm


At Reveal Dental, your comfort truly is among our top priorities. We’re proud to say we’re one of the top practices for general dentistry in Cedar Park, and our focus on comfort is a big reason why. Our team of dental professionals truly want to make your next visit to the dentist one where you can have all your concerns answered, and leave feeling better about your overall dental health.


To begin your positive dental experience, just schedule an appointment!