Reveal Dental has committed to several greener practices at their general dentistry practice in Cedar Park to help reduce their overall carbon footprint.


Cedar Park, TX – January, 2017 – Reveal Dental, which provides Cedar Park and the surrounding area with professional dental services, has adopted a numberof green practices to reduce their impact on the environment.


Dr. Alkesh Sura has always been committed to providing the patients with green dental practices in an effort to better protect the local and global environment. From the start, there has been an emphasis on reducing paper used throughout the office. In addition to replacing traditional patient charts with digital records, they have recently started to use laminated intake paperwork that can be scanned, cleaned, and reused.


The dad-to-day operations in the practice have also been modified to support their green initiative.  For example, Reveal Dental avoids using environmentally harmful chemicals by employing Digital Radiography rather than traditional x-rays on photographic film.And water consumption has also been reduced approximately by half through the use of a dry vacuuming system.


Furthermore, Reveal Dental has been proactive in reducing office consumables. Staff no longer use plastic water bottles, but instead use biodegradable cups and utensils, as well as participate in Reveal Dental’s office recycling program.


Other ways Reveal Dental has gone green include:

  • Using LED lighting throughout the building to reduce energy consumption.
  • Providing toothbrush kits made from recycled material.
  • Leveraging CAD-CAM dentistry so that no messy impressions are needed

To learn more about how Reveal Dental is going green with their general dentistry in Cedar Park, or to schedule a dental appointment, please contact Reveal Dental directly.

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As Cedar Park’s leading dental care practice, Reveal Dental is committed to providing the highest level of compassionate care for every member of the family, while reducing their carbon footprint. 



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