Did you know that every year, 1.6 million school days are lost due to students having to take the day off to go to the dentist? That’s a lot of educational opportunities lost, not to mention the time parents are having to take off from work taking their children to appointments.


However, even though school is beginning to start across the Austin area, that doesn’t mean parents have to choose between kids going without dental care or skipping out on classes. At Reveal Dental, one of the premier dentists in Cedar Park, we have extended hours on certain days to ensure that students -and teachers- can get their needed dental work done without interfering with classes.


Reveal Dental is the Perfect Dental Practice for Cedar Park Students and Teachers


Depending on the day, our fall schedule has us opening as early as 7AM, and staying open as late as 6PM.  This leaves plenty of time both before and after class for people to get a wide variety of dental work done without interrupting school.


We’re happy to work around your schedule – we know that people are busy these days, and appointments can be hard to work in. If you need uncommon hours, we’ll do everything we can to help accommodate you.


Additionally, thanks to the unprecedented success we’ve seen here in Cedar Park, we recently expanded our offices to include several new chairs, as well as new dental hygienists and assistants, so that we can serve more people every day. We’ve always strived to keep booking-to-appointment times short and now with the extra staff we can see you even quicker.  Currently, the longest waits for appointments are only 2-3 weeks at most, and frequently much shorter!


We also accept most common forms of dental insurance, including those used by the Leander Independent School District (LISD). We accept all the major insurance companies, such as Aetna, Blue Cross\Blue Shield, Humana, Cigna, and MetLife, as well as dozens of other smaller providers.


Simply put, if you have dental insurance, we almost certainly accept it!


Don’t Put Off Making an Appointment


If you or your school-going children are in need of dental care, there’s no need to wait, and no need to spend valuable weekend time going to the dentist.  Contact Reveal Dental in Cedar Park today and we’ll ensure you get an appointment that works with your schedule.