If you haven’t heard, there’s something of a controversy in the dental world at the moment on the subject of flossing and it can potentially influence the Teeth-Cleaning habits of Cedar Park patients.  The Associated Press released a report recently stating that they had looked into studies conducted on the effectiveness of flossing and found there were relatively few studies showing flossing is effective.


Which, of course, meant that the hype-driven Internet went into a furry talking about how flossing might be a waste of time.


Well, Reveal Dental is here to say that a lack of these studies is not evidence of a lack of the efficacy of flossing.  There’s a reason that dentists universally recommend flossing as part of a person’s teeth-cleaning habits. That’s as true now, in Cedar Park, as it was nearly two hundred years ago when floss was first invented.  We concur entirely with the American Dental Association when they reaffirmed the importance of flossing.


Three Reasons Why Flossing Simply Makes Sense

  1. Complete Teeth Cleaning for our Cedar Park Patients


There are parts of your teeth which a standard toothbrush simply cannot reach.  A tooth is considered to have five surfaces – the front, back, top, and two sides. A toothbrush can only clean the first three of those surfaces. The bristles of a toothbrush are not able to clean the sides of teeth effectively.


Would it make sense to take a shower, but only clean 60% of your body? Of course not. Brushing and flossing means 100% of your teeth are cleaned.

  1. Direct Evidence in Our Practice


It’s something we see every day here at Reveal Dental:  Those that floss and maintain proper oral hygiene are the ones with the least dental issues. Time after time, over and over. Furthermore, among those patients who didn’t floss previously, and then began flossing regularly, we see a huge improvement in their overall oral health.


Simply put, when a patient walks in and they’ve been brushing and flossing regularly, we can always tell immediately.


  1. Flossing Dislodges Particles of Food


It’s all too easy for bits of food to get stuck in between the teeth, like bits of popcorn kernels or sesame seeds from a burger. There’s no better and safer tool than floss for getting those bits out. Toothpicks are potentially far more damaging to the teeth and gums, especially if they’re used constantly.


So, please, keep flossing.  If you have any other questions regarding teeth cleaning in Cedar Park, please contact our office directly for more information.