When people think of a cosmetic dentist, they often think of extremely high-end locations of the sort frequented by movie stars.  But that’s not the case at all!  At Reveal Dental, we’re committed to offering a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures, including ones which are affordable for just about anyone.

If you’re looking to improve your smile, there’s probably something your friendly local neighborhood cosmetic dentist can do to help.  Here are a few of your options.

Basic Cosmetic Procedures Available from Your Local Dentist

1. Whitening

Probably the most basic of all cosmetic dental procedures, whitening can also be one of the most effective if your teeth are otherwise in good shape.  Over the years, it’s inevitable that your teeth will slowly become stained yellow-brown, and this can become much worse for people who smoke, or drink large amounts of coffee or tea.

Whitening reverses these effects, using a variety of bleaching procedures to undo the discoloration and restore the original shine.  In-office bleaching is effective, painless, and can often be done in a single visit!

2. Bonding

Bonding is one of the simplest methods of repairing minor chips, cracks, and gaps in teeth.  It involves a resin material which can be applied directly to the tooth.  The dentist can simply reshape your teeth, or fill in minor holes, and this can usually be done in a single setting.

Bonds won’t last as long as some other cosmetic procedures, but they should be good for several years and are quite affordable.

3. Veneers

Veneers are a bit more expensive, but they’re a solid investment because they can radically transform a mouth while lasting for years.  A veneer is a layer of new porcelain material which is applied over top of your existing teeth.

They’re nearly as strong as the original tooth, look great, and can fix more serious cosmetic problems than bonding can.  They should also last for many years, barring accident or injury.

Improve Your Smile & Get the Latest in Cosmetic Dentistry at Reveal

Dr. Sura is a local cosmetic dentist with years of experience, and the friendliest staff you’re likely to find at a dental clinic.  See for yourself why we’re among the best-liked dentists in the Austin area and schedule an appointment today!