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Mouthwash can be a great tool for improving your oral hygiene.  It can’t replace brushing and flossing, but it brings a lot of benefits.  Besides helping remove harmful bacteria in your mouth, it also re-balances your mouth’s pH level… and gives you fresh breath too.

One question that kids dentists in Cedar Park often hear is, “Can my child use mouthwash?”  This is not a question with a simple yes/no answer.  After all, one of the primary ingredients in mouthwash is alcohol, which young children really should not be exposed to.

So, here’s a quick guide to whether it’s appropriate to introduce children to mouthwash.

Kids Dentist in Cedar Park Answers – When Should Children and Teens Be Using Mouthwash?

  1. Children under 6 

Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to let children under 6 use mouthwash.  They’re simply too likely to swallow, rather than spit out the wash.  Plus, they may not entirely understand the proper swishing movements to get the most from the mouthwash.  Also, the burning sensation is generally too intense for them.

Never give mouthwash to a young child unless specifically directed by your Cedar Park kids’ dentists.  (And they’ll probably provide a child-friendly mouth rinse if so!)

  1. Children between 6-12

This is the point that you can start introducing your children to mouthwash, particularly after their adult teeth have started to come in.  Be sure to stay with them for their first few tries, to monitor their usage and make sure they’re spitting out the mouthwash.

You might also look for fluoride-only mouth rinses, as a way of introducing them to the concept before letting them use adult mouthwash.

  1. Teenagers

Teenagers should be actively encouraged to use mouthwash.  At this point, they are perfectly capable of using it properly, and they will undoubtedly have fewer dental issues if they do.

In particular, if your teen has to wear braces, mouthwash is a must.  Oral hygiene with braces is extremely difficult to maintain, so they will need mouthwash as a supplement to help clean between all the spaces in and around their braces.  Definitely make sure they always have a supply of mouthwash, if this is the case.

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