A trip to your local Cedar Park dentist should not be met with any hesitation or uncertainty. An appointment should be informative, fun and most importantly, worry free – especially for children.


Kids Dentist


Reveal Dental, a leading kids dentists in Cedar Park has a proven track record of child focused dental care. Dr. Alkesh Sura believes that instilling proper oral hygiene habits in children and eliminating a fear of the dentist will translate into healthy oral habits for the rest of the child’s life.


When Should You Schedule the First Trip?


Most kids’ dentists recommend a first visit at one year or after you see the first tooth.


What Happens with Subsequent Visits?


The earliest visits are primarily about providing your child with the information he or she needs to continue good dental habits later in life. The dentist or the hygienist will demonstrate the proper way to care for teeth, including the best way to brush and how to use floss.


When there is a need, the dentist will perform cleanings and polish the teeth, but the main objective of early dental visits is prevention of dental problems. Around the time your child starts to develop teeth, the dentist may suggest fluoride treatments to strengthen the teeth. In some cases, sealant treatments may be an option for long-term support.


Before your child grows a mouth full of adult teeth, the dentist may also recommend an orthodontic consultation to ensure the teeth are growing in properly.


How Can a Dentist Promote a Positive Experience?


Dr. Sura and the team at Reveal Dental provide a fun and welcoming environment for children. The experience starts with a relaxed atmosphere in the play area, so children do not feel nervous when they enter the examination room. In the examination room, children can watch TV while the staff uses a positive and engaging chairside manner that takes the mystery out of dental procedures. The hygienists and Dr. Sura answer your child’s questions, encouraging children to learn more about what is happening to their mouths. By keeping the child engaged in the treatment process, children become excited and less anxious of their visit.


Reveal Dental offers a truly kid friendly experience for children of all ages. Schedule an appointment today, and change the way your child sees the dentist.