The Centers for Disease Control recently labeled American water fluoridation efforts as one of the greatest achievements in public health for the 20th century. Fluoride in the water protects teeth against acids and other chemicals that can break down tooth enamel, preventing a significant number of dental problems every year.


Unfortunately, as society adopted bottled water and water filtration systems in the home, fewer and fewer people received the fluoride treatment that they needed. You can combat the problem with a fluoride treatment during your prophylaxis dental treatment at your dentist in Cedar Park.


What Does Fluoride Do?


Bacteria on your teeth can destroy tooth enamel and important minerals in your mouth. Over time, they can cause permanent damage to your teeth. Fluoride combats the problem in two ways. First, fluoride becomes absorbed into the body and becomes a part of your saliva. Second, direct application during your prophylaxis dental treatment at your dentist in Cedar Park assists in the process of remineralization of your teeth.


When Is Fluoride Most Effective?


Fluoride absorbed into the body can become a part of permanent teeth as they develop, so the younger the patient receives the fluoride, the better. The Surgeon General advocates for exposure for infants as young as six months old, and water based fluoride can continue to have noticeable effects in people as old as 16.


As adults, fluoride still promotes healthy teeth, but the effects of water based fluoride are lessened. Treatment through the direct application of fluoride by your dentist is your best option once you reach adulthood.


Are There Other Ways to Receive Fluoride?


The easiest way to get fluoride in your body is through the consumption of tap water from a municipal water system. Beyond that, there are two ways to get the fluoride you need.


The American Dental Association recommends the use of a fluoridated toothpaste for all people. Remember, it’s important that children learn not to overuse toothpaste that contains fluoride, so they don’t become overexposed; but the risk is very minimal.


For targeted treatments, you’ll need to see Reveal Dental. Your dental hygienist in Cedar Park can use a fluoride gel to apply substantial fluoride to your teeth during your prophylaxis dental treatment, and can even prescribe supplements if needed.


Fluoride treatments are an active measure you can take to protect your teeth, and keep them healthy for years to come. Contact the experts at Reveal Dental to learn more about fluoride treatments, how to improve your overall oral hygiene, or to schedule a prophylaxis appointment today.