As an entrepreneur we know how exciting it can be starting up your own business. There’s a freedom there which is practically unmatched with being your own boss and knowing you’re accountable to no one (but your accountant). Right now, we’re even seeing a boom in small-business and freelancer startups, both here in Cedar Park and across the country.



Of course for many new startup owners, there are significant downsides as well. One of the biggest is the high premiums for insurance. Many small offices -especially solopreneurs- lack the financial stability necessary to maintain quality medical or dental insurance. That’s assuming they have time to make an appointment in the first place!


So, here at Reveal Dental, we’ve made a concerted effort to make our dental services easily accessible for small business owners. After all, having a winning smile is going to be a major tool for keeping new business rolling in.


How Reveal Dental in Cedar Park Helps Small Business Owners


Flexible Hours


We don’t simply maintain the standard 8-4 hours that so many other dental clinics have. We realize that many of our clients – small business owners included – have heavy demands on their schedule. So, depending on the day, we may open as early as 7 AM or stay open as late as 6 PM. 


Same-Day Procedures


Obviously, not every dental procedure can be done on the same-day, or use little to no anesthesia so that it won’t take a patient out of commission for awhile. Luckily, a large number of our procedures can be done on the same-day, including relatively complex processes like custom crowns. Plus, of course, we can try to schedule such work early in the morning, specifically to get you back on your feet by midday.


In-Office Payment Plans


We genuinely want to help those who want to take care of their teeth, but lack dental insurance. Our initial evaluation is free, and then we’ll go over what needs to be done in detail – including price estimates. In many cases, we offer affordable payment plans that extend over 6-12 months.  We want to help you have the best smile possible. 


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For more information on our pricing policies, or to schedule an initial examination, just contact us to schedule an appointment!