Studies have shown that approximately 25 percent of all American men, as well as around 14 percent of American women, suffer from chronic snoring. While almost everyone will snore occasionally – especially if suffering from allergies or a sinus-related disease – chronic sufferers snore loudly, night after night.


Even in the best of cases, this can be highly disruptive to the sleep of anyone nearby. In more extreme cases, snoring can even disrupt the sleep of the one who snores. Beyond that, excessive chronic snoring can also indicate more serious nose, throat, or sinus conditions.


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However, if you or a loved one suffers from snoring in the Cedar Park area, a Reveal Dental dentist can help!


The Many Causes of Snoring


Snoring is a symptom, rather than an underlying cause, and it can suggest several other problems in the mouth, nose, or throat.


In all cases, snoring is caused by a narrowing of the upper airway during sleep. As it narrows, it begins to vibrate as air passes through, something like a woodwind musical instrument. As the throat tightens, the snoring becomes louder, and normal breathing becomes more difficult.


In some cases, the causes are purely physiological, such as having an unusually long uvula (the dangling part at the back of the throat). There may be excess flabby tissue in the throat as well. In more serious cases, the snoring is caused by conditions such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, in which the throat closes during sleep. These can actually become dangerous to the sufferer!


A Simple Oral Appliance from a Cedar Park Dentist Can Help


For many snoring sufferers, the solution is quite easy; A custom-fit oral appliance, which is worn at night much like an orthodontic bridge. It holds the jaw forward, and the mouth slightly open, keeping the throat clear and breathing unobstructed.


These appliances are lightweight, comfortable, simple to clean, and extremely portable. For millions of Americans, they’re the perfect solution to chronic snoring.


At Reveal Dental, we have all the equipment necessary to evaluate your condition, make a mold of your mouth, and produce a great appliance which can last for years with minimum care.  To end your snoring problems overnight, schedule an appointment with our Cedar Park dentist today.