Dental Implants in Cedar Park

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you’re truly not alone.  Even among adults in their 30s and 40s, more than two-thirds are missing at least one permanent tooth!  Far more people than not are missing teeth, but there’s no reason they have to remain missing.  Here in Cedar Park, Dental Implants are a solution that is becoming better each year, creating a truly permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth.

For those who can get them, implants are a far better option than bridges, dentures, or other removable options.

Four Reasons to Consider Dental Implants in Cedar Park

  1. Implants are permanent

The basic process for receiving implants involves having a metal “root” (usually titanium) permanently placed into your jaw, where the old tooth was.  Then, that “root” provides support for a false tooth or teeth.  The implant will not ever go away, or fall out, not without catastrophic damage to your jaw.  It’s with you for life.  So, even if the false tooth were to become damaged, it is relatively easy to replace.

Implants create a truly lifelong solution.  Further…

  1. Bridges and dentures will have to be periodically replaced

Many people believe that other types of false teeth, like dentures, are something they would only need to get once.  That’s sadly not true.  Your mouth changes shape as you age, and even the best-made dentures or bridges will lose their fit over time.  Generally speaking, a set of dentures will only last up to a decade – at most.

So, if you go that route, you would have to keep replacing them throughout your life.

  1. Implants prevent jaw decay or bone loss

Your mouth “expects” to have teeth set in the jaw.  When those teeth are gone, the jawbone will start to weaken and recede.  Implants, however, prevent this from happening – your body believes them to be real teeth and behaves appropriately.

This is another reason dentures and other alternatives need to be replaced so often.

  1. Implants require no special care or lifestyle changes

With implants, you get false teeth which are just as good -if not better- than your natural teeth.  You can eat anything you want, brush and floss your teeth normally, and otherwise lead a perfectly regular life without the lifestyle changes that accompany dentures.

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