There is no shortage of tooth replacement options available from local dentists. However, arguably the most popular option is Dental Implants, which is an affordable solution for those who’ve lost a tooth and want to maintain their smile, as well as the health of their jaw and remaining teeth. According to studies, more than three million Americans have dental implants and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down.


As one of today’s leading dental teams, Reveal Dental wanted to share some information about dental implants and their importance and benefits for you here!

What Exactly is a Dental Implant?

In the simplest of terms, a dental implant is an artificial tooth that has a root made from titanium that’s placed at the spot of the missing tooth/teeth. These components mimic your natural teeth and are designed to be strong, enabling patients to drink, eat, and chew as they normally would without any pain or discomfort.

Who Can Receive Dental Implant Treatment?

Often, nearly anyone who’s missing a tooth can receive dental implant treatment. However, certain exceptions will make patients want to discuss with their dentist before undergoing the procedure.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

Every patient is different, meaning they’ll also have unique dental implant treatment plans. Therefore, it will be your dentist who will work with you to devise the best treatment plan for your needs. This will often consider a variety of different factors, such as your medical history, previous dental history, the health of your mouth, and the number of your remaining and missing teeth.

Undergoing the Procedure

It starts with a full exam where your dentist will take x-rays of your teeth and jaw to evaluate if you are an implant candidate. Then, they place the implant under your gums to the bone. Lastly, a crown is attached to the implant to restore it to its natural beauty, shape and function.  This procedure can take 3-6 months from the initial exam to the new smile.

Post Treatment Necessities

After you’ve had your dental implant placed and restored, your dentist will check up with you regularly.  You may experience some soreness the first day or two afterward, but this will quickly go away and you will be back to eating and smiling normally!

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