Dr. Sura, our kids’ dentist, and the rest of our Reveal Dental team offer the following tips that can make brushing fun and encourage your kids to take good care of their teeth.

Set a Good Example

Children love emulating their parents. Let your kids watch while you go through your flossing and brushing routine. If they see you doing it, they’ll want to, too.

Let Your Kids Brush YOUR Teeth

Children also love to help– let them practice using a toothbrush on you. Keep it positive and have fun.

Have Your Child Practice on a Toy

Encourage your child to practice brushing on a stuffed animal or doll. Children have vivid imaginations, and brushing will seem like a lot more fun when play is involved!

Turn on Some Music

If you’re having a tough time getting your child to brush, consider putting on some fun music. Dance around while brushing, and if you’re musically inclined, make your own teeth-brushing tunes.

Use Your Imagination

Tell your kids a story about their teeth. Pretend that an evil villain such as the sugar monster is attacking their teeth and trying to wreak havoc with decay and cavities. They might want to save the day (and their teeth!).

Create a Reward System

Buy a calendar and some stickers your children will love. Every time they have finished brushing their teeth, place a sticker on the calendar to mark a successful cleaning. When your kids successfully fill up a full month with stickers for brushing, reward them with something special, such as extra allowance or a much-wanted toy.

Use a Tasty Toothpaste

There are a multitude of fluoride toothpastes made especially for children, and kids love seeing characters from their favorite shows or movies on the packaging.  Kids’ toothpastes come in all kinds of flavors, from strawberry to bubble gum. Find one your children like and stick with it. Just make sure that it contains fluoride. For children under one, use a fluoride-free “training toothpaste”.

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