By learning more about the procedures available at your Cedar Park Family Dentist, you can choose a service that meets your treatment requirements in the long term. Our team at Reveal Dental has decades of experience in the dental health marketplace, and in our new post, we’re highlighting the procedures now available through your Cedar Park family dentist.

Services available through your Cedar Park Family Dentist

Teeth whitening

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Whether you choose the in-office whitening option or an at-home kit provided through your family dentist, teeth whitening is now a great option for improving the look of your teeth. The whitening service can now be completed in as little as one hour during a lunchtime dentist’s office appointment.


Another one of the more common procedures now carried out by your local Cedar Park family dentist is tooth extractions. The process can help to ensure that an infected tooth is removed from your gums before it has more impact and causes more pain. You might also undergo an extraction if your teeth are growing in the wrong direction. Implant options now mean that patients undergoing an extraction can have a new tooth placed within a short period.


Nightguard fitting

The use of nightguards is ideal for patients who are prone to the grinding of teeth. Grinding during the night wears down the tooth and may cause significant oral health issues over the long term. Working with an expert such as Reveal Dental can ensure that patients are fitted with the ideal nightguard for their long-term health needs. Nightguards prevent the teeth from grinding together and can be customized for the individual.



The updated fillings now offered by your local dentist are designed to last a far longer period than in the past. You can now go many years, sometimes decades, before having fillings replaced. In some cases, patients may never need to have a filling replaced when proper oral health maintenance is completed.


Our experienced team at Reveal Dental is here to guide you in achieving your treatment goals for the coming years. To learn more about our treatment options, call our offices today.