At Reveal Dental, we totally understand – a lot of people don’t like going to the dentist, and even coming in for basic general dentistry like a checkup is considered unnecessary.  The health of your mouth is directly connected to many other areas of your bodily health.  Neglecting basic dentistry can lead to much bigger problems down the line!

If you haven’t contacted your local general dentistry clinic for a routine exam in the last 6-12 months, here are some things to think about.

Three Reasons to Stay on Top of Your Oral Health

  1. Dental problems only get more expensive -and more painful- the longer they’re ignored.

Dental problems are always progressive.  They never go away on their own.  A minor cavity turns into a major cavity, which infects the root, which infects the jaw and/or sinus cavity, and so forth.  The longer you wait to have the problem looked into, the worse it’s going to hurt both your mouth and your wallet.

That’s why the best time to get a cavity taken care of is before it hurts at all.

  1. Your mouth reveals more about your health than you realize.

Here’s a fun fact a lot of people don’t know:  according to the Academy of General Dentistry, over 90% of systemic diseases cause symptoms in the mouth.  An incredible array of diseases including AIDS, Parkinsons, diabetes, hypertension, lupus and more are potentially detectable by a dentist before they start presenting more obvious symptoms.

In many ways, your dentist is your first line of defense against serious illnesses.

  1. Mouth infections can spread easily.

Under normal conditions, your mouth is isolated from the rest of the body – which is a good thing, because even a healthy mouth is home to hundreds of species of bacteria.  However, when a mouth is infected by harmful bacteria, all it takes is a small cut – such as a bleeding gum from brushing or flossing – to create an entry point for that bacteria to move from your mouth to the rest of your body.  From there, it’s possible for the infection to spread.

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