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When considering teeth whitening treatment in Cedar Park, many dental patients first assess teeth whitening strips at home before visiting their dentist. Our team at Reveal Dental has decades of experience carrying out teeth whitening treatment, and in this post, we’ll highlight what you should know before using teeth whitening strips.


The risk of uneven Teeth Whitening

One of the leading risks with using teeth whitening strips is that you won’t get the evenness you might require for full whitening. There are going to be areas of your teeth that are not completely connected to the whitening strip, and this might mean that parts of your teeth aren’t whitened completely.


  • You can experience gum problems

One of the major issues many teeth whitening patients experience is gum problems. The bleaching agent within many retail strips can irritate the gums and may damage soft tissues over time. This means it’s essential to avoid contact between the whitening agent and your gums. Oftentimes, this isn’t possible, and you will experience bleeding and other gum problems when using strips.


  • Tooth Sensitivity

Another major problem associated with the use of teeth whitening strips by Cedar Park patients is tooth sensitivity. You may find that, after using the strips, your teeth are more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. This can be a leading issue for many patients who are already experiencing oral health problems. The sensitivity can develop with time, leaving patients in significant pain after continually using teeth whitening strips.


  • Turn to office options instead

The leading alternative to tooth whitening strips for Cedar Park patients is office treatment options. In-office treatment ensures that a professional is overseeing the entire process. Each stage of the teeth whitening process is honed to ensure that the patient achieves the optimal result from the treatment. It’s the reason so many are now turning to Reveal Dental for treatment options.


Our team at Reveal Dental is committed to providing the ideal treatment service for your oral health requirements over the coming years. To discover more about our service options, please call today.