August 1, 2016 – Cedar Park, TX – One of the most unfortunate aspects of modern dentistry is that high costs can often drive away patients. They may neglect the health of their teeth, leading to much larger long-term problems, or even cease visiting the dentist at all.


Reveal Dental -the premier dental clinic in Cedar Park- is now looking to change all that. Their new annual enrollment program is designed to make regular preventative care affordable for uninsured families, while bringing significant discounts to additional dental procedures.


At a low cost, the patient (child or adult) receives a year’s worth of care, including:


  • Initial comprehensive exam
  • Periodic exams
  • Cleanings
  • Fluoride
  • Full-mouth X-Rays
  • One unscheduled emergency treatment
  • Discounts off other procedures, including cosmetic work not traditionally covered by insurance


This results in savings of more than half off the price of a year’s treatment on its own. Plus, additional family members can join for even less once the first member is enrolled and receive all the same treatments.


Reveal Dental seeks to help as many people as possible, not just those in a position to afford dental insurance. This new annual enrollment plan will put quality dental care into reach for far more Cedar Park residents. When they get their care from Reveal Dental, they’ll be getting the best in modern dentistry. Contact Reveal Dental today.


About Reveal Dental


In only two years of practice, Reveal Dental has become widely known throughout the Cedar Park area as one of the top dental choices. Its resident DDS, Dr. Alkesh C. Sura, is a highly skilled and experienced dentist who trained at the prestigious University of North Carolina dental school.  His practice is dedicated to bringing the best in dental technology to Cedar Park residents of all incomes, while making their experience as comfortable as possible.


For patient appointments or additional financing information, visit or call (512) 337-2316.